Day One - Thursday, 30 March

Registration and welcome coffee

Opening remarks from the Chair

Omer Soker
Chief Executive Officer
Charitable Recycling Australia

Building a thriving circular economy
Activating Australia’s circular economy by 2030
  • Investigating the metrics as part of the national dialogue towards the circular economy
  • Setting targets, changing behaviours and measuring our progress in order to advance toward a circular economy
  • Striving forward to deliver a zero-carbon circular economy
  • Growing Australia’s economy and job opportunities by protecting the earth

Lisa McLean
Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer
Circular Australia

PANEL DISCUSSION: What is the path forward for developing a genuine and self-supporting circular economy?
  • What role do organisations play in supporting an active circular economy?
  • What are the critical factors that need to be addressed before we can truly embrace a circular economy?
  • What are the most significant challenges currently preventing the increased adoption of circular economy principles across Australia?
  • How can we work to combat these issues and make it accessible to everyone?


Aífe O’Loughlin
Senior Manager – Circular Economy
Salvos Stores


Joanne Hayes
Head of Sustainability and Communications
Bridgestone Australia and New Zealand

John McKew
National Executive Officer
Australian Organics Recycling Association

Rebecca Hicks
Manager, Sustainability and Circular Economy
Regional Growth NSW Development Corporation

Django Seccombe
Manager, Circular Economy, Western Sydney Development
Sydney Water

Leveraging circularity for people and planet positive outcomes: progress from THE ICONIC
  • Examining the challenges and opportunities for material previously viewed as waste
  • Creating circular initiatives for textile resources and packaging, from design to end-of-life
  • Testing and learning from circular initiatives

Nicole Conroy
Sustainability Business Partner – Circularity and Conscious Consumption

Morning tea

Developing a Circular Greater Bendigo council and community
  • Updates and insights on the process from 2022
  • Reducing greenhouse gas emissions generated by current waste management practices
  • Preparing for the closing of the local Eaglehawk Landfill

Kylie Douglas
Senior Landfill Engineer
City of Greater Bendigo

Examining the learnings from REDcycle and recycling plastics in Australia
  • Creating a shift where recycling becomes "the last line of thinking" in tackling plastic waste
  • Establishing effective and suitable partnerships to progress Australia’s recycling process
  • Investigating the issues of voluntary recycling for Australia’s population
  • Reviewing the role of waste and recycling regulation

Jeff Angel
Total Environment Centre and Boomerang Alliance

Lunch in the exhibition hall

Climate change, natural disasters & waste management strategies
Preparing for a disaster and prioritising your forward thinking from facilities to households
  • Building and Increasing resilience of recycling service provisions
  • Planning ahead for the increased waiting times, expenses and decreased transport access
  • Examining the importance of collaboration to ensure facilities and strategies can be successful before, during and after a disaster

Michaela Heinson
Associate Director, Economic Growth and Sustainabilit
Green Industries SA

Eliminating landfill and transforming residual waste into safe and valuable products
  • Applying the base-metal processing industry's experience in new ways that could solve a major gap in the waste treatment sector
  • Transforming hazardous and residual waste into safe products by treating it in a controlled and customised urban plant
  • Recovering valuable metals from waste by extracting and monetising them
  • Reducing risk and capital investment by adapting a world-leading Australian smelter design to an urban context

Ben Hogg
Principal Metallurgist (Pyrotechnology)
Glencore Technology

Partnerships, Engagement and Education
Overview of the packaging sector and existing targets
  • Learnings from the packaging targets review 
  • Evaluating the challenges and opportunities ahead 
  • Reviewing the next steps for APCO and the packaging sector

Esther Bailey
Head of Systems Transformation
Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation (APCO)

Facilitating partnerships to support waste and resource recovery social innovations
  • Creating partnerships with council, private companies and facilities to establish supportive and innovative programs
  • Maximising your collaborative advantage and putting in place the essential building blocks of effective collaboration
  • Learning from others to advance your own waste and resource recovery strategy

Jessica Fordyce
Waste and Recovery Officer
Canberra Region Joint Organisation


Afternoon tea

Engaging stakeholders to drive recycling at scale and achieve product stewardship outcomes
  • Overcoming the barrier of convenience for consumers to participate in resource recovery
  • Engaging and training your teams to deliver on waste reduction
  • The importance of industry collaboration and voluntary stewardship programs

Alice Kuepper
Head of Sustainable Business and Corporate Social Responsibility
Winning Group

PANEL DISCUSSION: Building community education programs to increase and improve recycling behaviour
  • What are some ways organisations can increase the awareness of their communities on recycling and recovery initiatives?
  • How are organisations currently building active community stewardship programs?
  • How can organisations engage younger generations to establish improved recycling behaviour at the school age level?
  • What are some of the practical issues we need to be aware of when establishing community-based recycling and recovery programs?
  • What are the most effective marketing strategies that can improve community and customer behaviour towards recycling?


Elyse Marcolin
Resource Recovery Education Officer
Penrith City Council


Liesbet Spanjaard
Executive Director, Engagement, Education and Programs

Anil Gupta
Waste and Sustainability Education Officer
Randwick City Council

Alina Tamrakar Maskey
Project Officer (Resource Recovery)
Cumberland City Council

Daniel Harris-Pascal
Assistant Director, Waste Education and Partnerships, ACT NoWaste
Transport Canberra and City Services

Closing remarks from the Chair
End of Waste & Resource Strategy Summit Day 1
Networking Drinks