Pre-Conference Workshops Tuesday, 8 February

Registration, coffee and networking

Workshop A: Drafting a strategic waste management plan

Having a successful and enforceable waste management plan is not a once done and forget it scenario. As societal expectations change and environmental sustainability grows to be critical, your waste management plan needs to reflect the changing attitudes and standards of a modern community.

This intensive 1-day workshop examines the key areas to consider when reviewing your waste management hierarchy. It will take you through the stepby- step process of collating and drafting the information you need to know to secure your organisation’s waste management goals.

Key learnings and takeaways will include:

  • Outlining the critical areas of concern in the waste management hierarchy when preparing your waste management plan
  • How to implement a 5R review (refuse, reduce, repurpose, recycle and recycle) to ensure your organisation is a better environmental steward
  • Answer the question: ‘what are the goals of your waste management strategy?’ and develop measures and tools to ensure those goals are attainable
  • Develop a broad understanding of some of the waste management issues that impact your organisation
  • Gain insights into potentially overlooked areas in your business where reduction measures can be taken to limit your waste production


Mike Ritchie
Managing Director
MRA Consulting

Workshop B: How to use big data and AI to transform your waste management programs

From AI-enhanced robotics to the use of satellite sensors and data to alleviate environmental harm and identify risks, the waste management programs of the future are destined to revolutionise and transform the collection, use and storage of waste products.

This intensive 1-day workshop is designed to provide you with the information you need to deliver cutting-edge, forward-thinking plans to prepare for the next wave of waste management evolution.

Key learnings and takeaways will include:

  • A beginner’s guide to AI and big data: Learn how it is used and how it will assist in developing smart waste management strategies in the future
  • How the waste management industry could use AI and big data to improve resource planning and the efficiency of recycling rates
  • Gain insights into how AI and big data will push forward the next wave of innovation and competitiveness in waste management
  • Unlock the most effective strategies to implement IoT solutions to streamline successful initiatives in waste management
  • How big data can be used to develop low-impact waste management strategies to support environmental, societal and community needs

Facilitator to be announced

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